Televisa Elections 2018

Televisa covers Mexico 2018 elections with AR graphics design by Polygon Labs.
When Mexico held its elections on July 1st, it was a major milestone for the country as well as for broadcasters covering the events live as the results were reported. Televisa supported its massive coverage by building three new production studios (one outside and two indoors) and using real-time AR graphics systems supplied by Vizrt and design by Polygon Labs.


Polygon Labs design and animated all the graphic for all three studios, CG graphics for fullscreen and graphics for the winner announcements that were used with drone shots.
The new outdoor studio was set up in Televisa’s Santa Fe Gardens at its headquarters in Mexico City. The two indoor studios were built in Televisa’s Chapultepec, Mexico facility: one a circular studio with two video walls and virtual windows showing AR elements coming out of the screens, and the other studio with one virtual window video wall that served as the main studio on Election Day.
“This was a very complex production, spread across three different locations, so all of the graphics systems had to be perfectly in sync and work together as one,” said Elias Rodriguez, General Manager of Operations at Televisa. “We worked very closely with the Vizrt team over many months prior to the elections to get it right, and in the end, the results were well received by viewers.”
All of the graphics were feed by live and historical results and data utilizing Polygon Labs Ipsum Platfrom. Televisa editorial had full control of the data using the Ipsum web UI to validate results and add editorial content on the fly.

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