VR solution for US 2020 Elections

Polygon Labs is unveiling it’s VR solution for 2020 US Election, enable broadcasters big and small to cover the upcoming elections with incredible flexibility and scale using VR and live election data. A version of this set is FREE to use and FREE to downloaded for any broadcaster.

This set, powered by Unreal Engine 4 has been designed and developed by Polygon Labs to enable broadcasters to take their production and election coverage to the next level of realism and data analysis. This set has been designed with multiple areas to cover various  aspects of the elections complexity.

  • Interactive 270 to win map.
  • State by state races.
  • Congressional balance of power
  • Interview area
  • State Elections and more

The data analyses in the set is powered by Polygon Labs Ipsum, a data platform  that enables customers to integrate easy with election data providers such as  AP and Reuters as well regional and state data sources.

For more info about the solution or to get the FREE set email us at VR@polygonlabs.us