Polygon Ipsum

Data feed aggregation and data curation platform with graphics playout scheduling for master control, weather, info-bars, and video walls.

· Perfect for tickers, sponsoring, info-screens and video walls 
· Cloud web-based, collaborative workflow
· Unlimited graphic output control and coordination
· Scheduled playout and integrated with automation
· Centralized news, weather, finance, sports feeds
· Plug-and-play AP, Reuters, Opta, Stats, CNN, XML and JSON, Weather Bell, Custom Weather, WSI and others
· Custom data integrations included with subscription
· Sponsorships management and monitoring
Why an Ipsum solution?
· Cost-efficient scalability 
· Off-the-shelf hardware
· Powerful data-driven 3D graphics
· 4K, HD, NDI, WebRTC, Video Wall 
· High efficiency render